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What is Cash-In Refinance?

A cash-in refinancing is basically when you pay off your existing mortgage under a certain LTV in order to qualify for a refinance mortgage. LTV is calculated by taking your mortgage divided by the value of your property.

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Is a Cash-In Refinance a Good Idea?

A lot of homeowners seem to think so. According to Freddie Mac, more than a quarter of all mortgages refinanced in the second quarter of 2011 were “cash-in” refinances, where borrowers pay for a significant portion of their mortgage balance as part of the transaction.

At first glance, cash-in refinancing is a fairly simple solution for borrowers who would like to refinance but can not because of the decline in property values ​​they’re left owing more on their mortgage than their property’s worth. But it tends to be expensive. To return to positive equity, homeowners may have to write a check for tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

Generally you do not want to cash-in refinance unless you are sure it’s the best use of your money.

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